Life Module

One of the most important parts of your portfolio and policies you MUST prioritize.

Course Description

Have you been properly taught to: 

  • Set life appointments every week?
  • Take control of a life insurance conversation?
  • Properly determine face amount?
  • Teach clients how to create a tax free stream of income?
  • Handle the most common objections?

You will learn that people generally don’t come to you for life insurance.  It is up to you to teach your clients about the most important insurance you sell.  This module teaches the habit of talking about life insurance regularly to your clients.

How To Set Life Insurance Appointments With Your Clients (Video)

How To Help Clients Determine Proper Life Insurance Face Amounts (Video)

Selling Big Life Policies (Using Permanent Life Insurance) (Video)


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This course includes:

Delegation Task Ideas (List)

Here's a list of tasks to consider delegating to your team:

  1. Bank deposits
  2. Checking voice mail
  3. Checking staff email
  4. Loading up new emails into automated email campaigns (new business or new claims)
  5. Sending out binders as needed
  6. Following up on office texts
  7. Converting policies
  8. Taking payments
  9. Assisting clients with filing claims
  10. Calling service centers to find out information for you
  11. Canceling policies 
  12. Canceling policies from other agencies and confirming receipt of cancellation
  13. Quoting business for you to sell
  14. Documenting all conversations inside your customer management system
  15. Offering reviews to all clients who call in and scheduling for you
  16. Assisting you with any cross-sell marketing campaigns you are running.  Example- sending out email (or mail) in regards to umbrella or life policies.
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